Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 2

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

Monday was the start of our second week.  This week we eat a fruit plate for breakfast - I am loving eating the summer fruits.  I felt great until lunch.  I could not eat at the usual time I had eaten last week so I got hungry and frustrated.  I told Rene that I felt I had gotten a lot out of week one (mostly learning to have control over my eating and not just eating ALL the time and all the chocolate in my desk drawer in one day), but Rene reminded me that we had committed to completing the Ultimate Reset for our health.  I could not imagine doing the program without someone else... we need each other to hold ourselves accountable!  

Thankfully dinner was rice and beans and if you remember from my earlier post I love rice and beans so all was good and I was happy I had stayed on board! 

Tuesday was good as we had minimal preparation as we ate fruit again for breakfast, rice, beans and salad for lunch and then we made a joint decision to eat a sweet potato with asparagus for dinner Tuesday night instead of sweet potato soup. I felt great on Tuesday and am loving that I feel healthier instead of that "I just ate too much dessert feeling". 

I cannot complain about the food - it has all been really good.  The hardest part is preparing meals after being at work all day.  Thankfully Rene usually does most of the cooking, but since neither of us have ever cooked most of the foods we are eating (and since Rene is not a recipe guy and I am a follow every rule/recipe exactly girl), we are cooking as a team. This has been fun, but today I was dreading having to come home and help cook dinner.  Most of the meals do not take too long to make, it is just the food prep (cutting, chopping, zesting, etc) that takes the longest.  Well, dinner was surprisingly good (again) and I still had food on my plate, but stopped when I was full.  Two hours later, I am still full, but glad to be full of whole grains and veggies instead of sweets.  Tomorrow will be hard as we are having pizza for lunch at school, but I am not worried about temptation and am really glad my lunch is leftovers from dinner and that I really wanted to keep eating even though I was full because it was so good!   I will keep you posted on how the pizza temptation goes.  

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