Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ultimate Reset Preparation 7-29-12

Perspectives from Elizabeth
This summer has been filled with travels for Rene and I. We usually do try to eat 
healthy, but because we have not been around most weekends (I usually do all the 
shopping on the weekends) we have been eating out a lot.  The places and 
conferences were wonderful, but a healthy diet has not been a top priority. In 
addition, I have always had a sweet tooth and lately have been eating a lot of 
sugar, which has impacted how I feel and the scale.  Rene has also picked up the 
diet soda habit.  So after coming back from the Beachbody conference in Las 
Vegas, we decided we needed a Reset and set the date to start as 7-30-12. 
In preparation to begin the Ultimate Reset we went to church, enjoyed a pizza 
(one of my favorite foods) and then came home and cleaned. As I said we had 
been traveling a lot and cleaning was not our top priority after coming home 
from work. It feels great to have a clean house, an eating plan, and a refrigerator
full of veggies that we will actually eat.  I like veggies, but I buy them 
without a meal plan in mind so often they go bad and I have to throw them out. 
We are looking forward to day 1 and are excited to be eating healthy together!

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