Sunday, August 19, 2012

Orientation Week and the end of Reset

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

This week was Orientation week for the incoming pharmacy students and this is my lone picture.  It has been a busy week and I missed taking pictures of our meal, but the corn-edemame succotash above is one we will be eating again after the Ultimate Reset.  It has been a week full of events!  I am really proud of how far I have come and am excited to continue to eat more veggies and home cooked meals even after we have completed the Ultimate Reset!

Well we have successfully completed the Ultimate Reset program and are feeling great!  I am down 8.5 lbs and 2 inches around my waist and Rene lost 11 lbs and 2.5 inches.  How I felt was definitely a wonderful motivator throughout the program!  I am looking forward to planning our meals and incorporating new recipes and more veggies into our diet.  I am also looking forward to some chicken!  I do not think of myself as a big meat eater, but after 1 week of eating Vegan, I am excited to eat cheese and meat!  While, I will still splurge and enjoy eating at restaurants, I feel like I have more control and will be able to eat without over doing it.  I am also hoping I will continue to have control over my eating and not eat secondary to my emotions!  More than anything, the most rewarding thing for me completing the Ultimate Reset was learning to not eat based on my emotions/fatigue.  I am also amazed at what a BIG difference your diet can make on your well being!  I plan to continue the blog with our journey after Ultimate Reset and hopefully give you some yummy new meal ideas!  Thanks for reading!       

Birthday Party

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

Well pizza day was nothing compared to having to skip cupcakes!  Our Godson, Carter, turned two this week and his party was on Saturday. It was a wonderful day and we had a wonderful time with family!  We ate breakfast and lunch at home and then packed our dinner to take with us to Austin. Breakfast was fruit and lunch was a salad.  I knew cupcakes would be hard to resist so right before we arrived at the party I ate my apple and peanut butter.  Thank goodness for snacks and peanut butter!  I love peanut butter so that took care of my craving. Dinner was coconut collard greens and roasted beets and while it was much better than I expected, it was my least favorite of the recipes. It was hard to eat our planned dinner when alternative food was around, but we did it and we stuck to the Ultimate Reset Plan!  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pizza Day

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

Well, I survived pizza day and it actually was not as hard as I thought it would be.  I really do enjoy pizza and in the past when I struggled the most with my weight, if I saw a food, but did not let myself eat it, all  I thought about was that food.  Finally I would give in and overeat.  I was fearful that would occur when I was presented with two options pizza (that almost everyone else was eating) or my lentil quinoa pilaf.  Thankfully, the lentil quinoa pilaf was really good and I was happy to be eating the leftovers from dinner for lunch again.  I surprisingly did not miss the pizza that much and greatly enjoyed my lunch. However, one of the first meals on our post Ultimate Reset meal plan will probably be a healthy pizza! I look forward to looking for some recipes and eating one of my favorite foods in moderation now that I am in control of my eating and not my emotions!  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 2

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

Monday was the start of our second week.  This week we eat a fruit plate for breakfast - I am loving eating the summer fruits.  I felt great until lunch.  I could not eat at the usual time I had eaten last week so I got hungry and frustrated.  I told Rene that I felt I had gotten a lot out of week one (mostly learning to have control over my eating and not just eating ALL the time and all the chocolate in my desk drawer in one day), but Rene reminded me that we had committed to completing the Ultimate Reset for our health.  I could not imagine doing the program without someone else... we need each other to hold ourselves accountable!  

Thankfully dinner was rice and beans and if you remember from my earlier post I love rice and beans so all was good and I was happy I had stayed on board! 

Tuesday was good as we had minimal preparation as we ate fruit again for breakfast, rice, beans and salad for lunch and then we made a joint decision to eat a sweet potato with asparagus for dinner Tuesday night instead of sweet potato soup. I felt great on Tuesday and am loving that I feel healthier instead of that "I just ate too much dessert feeling". 

I cannot complain about the food - it has all been really good.  The hardest part is preparing meals after being at work all day.  Thankfully Rene usually does most of the cooking, but since neither of us have ever cooked most of the foods we are eating (and since Rene is not a recipe guy and I am a follow every rule/recipe exactly girl), we are cooking as a team. This has been fun, but today I was dreading having to come home and help cook dinner.  Most of the meals do not take too long to make, it is just the food prep (cutting, chopping, zesting, etc) that takes the longest.  Well, dinner was surprisingly good (again) and I still had food on my plate, but stopped when I was full.  Two hours later, I am still full, but glad to be full of whole grains and veggies instead of sweets.  Tomorrow will be hard as we are having pizza for lunch at school, but I am not worried about temptation and am really glad my lunch is leftovers from dinner and that I really wanted to keep eating even though I was full because it was so good!   I will keep you posted on how the pizza temptation goes.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 6 and 7

Day 6 - Since opening up the program and nutrition guide, I have been looking forward to the dinner on day 6 (roasted root medley, zucchini cashew soup, and millet).  I was looking forward to it for the roasted root medley - carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and onion - YUM!  Neither of us had ever heard of millet - another grain.  Day 6 was also our first time to make soup.  As a side note, I have to thank all of our family and friends for their generous wedding gifts.  We have been using all of our wonderful kitchen items and they have made our cooking process much easier.

Day 7

I am feeling really good!  Homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast this morning!  At Mass this morning the readings were perfect and related to being fulfilled.  One verse that stood out was "Each day the people are to go out and gather their daily portion" from the Book of Exodus.  Well that is what Rene and I did, except with gathered for the week.  The next week of the Ultimate Reset Program is to eat mostly vegetables, fruit and whole grains so we have never had so many veggies in our refrigerator.  We are looking forward to trying new foods and continuing to feel great!


Ultimate Reset Days 3-5

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

As you can see several good and large breakfasts and stir fry veggies for dinner!

On day 3, I was shocked that I had lost another 1.5 lbs after all I had eaten on day 2!  We both loved the stir fry veggies and will use the recipe after our 21 days of the reset (the Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program).

On day 4, I was definitely noticing that I was eating when I was hungry instead of when I think I should or more like when I see/think/smell food!  I like having discipline and I am finding much of my previous hunger was actually thirst.

Day 5 and down a total of 4.5 lbs (Rene was down almost 7 lbs) and I have control over my eating!!!!    

Day 2 and down 2 lbs 7-31-12

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

Down 2 lbs today, yet drinking a lot of water!  Breakfast was great: oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries!  Neither of us could finish all of it.  Lunch was a Greek salad with chicken and I ate a few of my leftover blueberries to cure my sweet tooth.  Something really good happened today though - instead of just eating them all - I realized after a few I was full and I STOPPED!  It was really nice to listen to my body.   

Dinner was awesome tonight because I love rice and black beans and if you add corn and guacamole you really cannot complain.  Kale was also a part of the dinner.  I had to double check the portions multiple times because I was just so amazed at how much food there was to eat.  Rene (who does not eat beans) even ate this and said it was good!  This was the second time in a week that Rene actually gave beans a try and liked them.  We had visited our friends Lara and Jose and she had made a wonderful side dish with black beans and Rene commented that he really liked to dish.  I am excited about this because I LOVE beans.  The biggest thing that I love about this journey is that Rene and I are doing this together and it has been a positive time together (shopping, planning, cooking, eating, talking, and growing closer). 

Day 1 of Ultimate Reset 7-30-12

Perspectives from Elizabeth:

So I started the day off with water which I do not think I have ever done - I always try to drink 64 oz of water a day, but most of my fluid intake does not occur until noon.  Breakfast this morning was kale, eggs, and toast.  My first reaction when I saw the plate was this would be a perfect breakfast for a diabetic (for those of you that do not know - I am a clinical pharmacist and have a clinic site at the VA and manage the medications of diabetic patients).  My second reaction was I like Kale - I had already made my mind up that I was not going to like it, but I did! Now if I could only get my patient's to not think I was crazy if I recommended it!  I was actually full half way through with my plate, but I kept on eating because that is what I am used too.

Lunch was a great salad.  Oh, and we made our own salad dressing and it was really good too!  I was still in the habit of wanting something sweet after, but I drank my water and tried to stay busy at work. 

Dinner was also good and huge - salmon, potatoes and asparagus.  We are hoping that through our journey of giving something up to make us healthier (better) you can be motivated to get healthy emotionally, physically, or spiritually! 

Ultimate Reset Preparation 7-29-12

Perspectives from Elizabeth
This summer has been filled with travels for Rene and I. We usually do try to eat 
healthy, but because we have not been around most weekends (I usually do all the 
shopping on the weekends) we have been eating out a lot.  The places and 
conferences were wonderful, but a healthy diet has not been a top priority. In 
addition, I have always had a sweet tooth and lately have been eating a lot of 
sugar, which has impacted how I feel and the scale.  Rene has also picked up the 
diet soda habit.  So after coming back from the Beachbody conference in Las 
Vegas, we decided we needed a Reset and set the date to start as 7-30-12. 
In preparation to begin the Ultimate Reset we went to church, enjoyed a pizza 
(one of my favorite foods) and then came home and cleaned. As I said we had 
been traveling a lot and cleaning was not our top priority after coming home 
from work. It feels great to have a clean house, an eating plan, and a refrigerator
full of veggies that we will actually eat.  I like veggies, but I buy them 
without a meal plan in mind so often they go bad and I have to throw them out. 
We are looking forward to day 1 and are excited to be eating healthy together!