Thursday, June 30, 2011


Down in the dumps? Jump for joy — literally (for about 20 minutes). VigorousWhen your spirits could use a lift, get up and jump (after you’ve consulted with your physician, of course). According to preliminary research presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, high-intensity workouts can put a bigger grin on your face than less-strenuous ones can. This small study, which was composed of 11 participants, found that 20 minutes of anaerobic activity — think jumping rope, sprinting or hill climbing — was better at boosting people’s moods 20 minutes after the exercise period than moderate aerobic activity, like brisk walking. That’s not to say there are no mood-boosting benefits to less-strenuous exercise. Past research has shown that 30 minutes of walking at least three days a week can help combat mild depression. But if you’re in search of a quick burst of bliss, alternating your walk with sprint sessions may help pull you out of the doldrums faster. Exercise boosts mood better than less-strenuous kinds.

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