Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Manage Extra Weight to Prevent Knee Pain

Losing weight is an important part of keeping your knees healthy, Shook says. The National Institutes of Health recommends the follow steps for exercising safely.

Get a consultation - Talk to your doctor if you have any chronic health problems or you're worried that exercise might cause an injury. If you already have knee pain, discuss types of activities with your doctor that might be safe for you.

Exercise - Good types of exercises for heavier people include walking — even for just a few minutes when you're starting out — bicycling indoors or outside, and strength training to build stronger muscles.Be more active.

Simply work more physical activity into your daily routine - Walk around while you're talking on the phone (after all, that's why they're cordless!), play actively with your kids or grandkids, and make personal visits at work instead of using e-mail. Weight loss is something you can do on your own, says Shook. It's inexpensive. And it might save you from knee surgery or other health problems down the road.

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