Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wellness Tip

Stop your sniffling by getting active. Help keep colds at bay this winter by getting into a fitness routine.

Feel like you catch every virus or bug that you come in contact with? According to research from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, physical fitness can curb the frequency and severity of colds. Their study showed that people who exercise five or more days a week had 50 percent fewer sick days during the cold and flu season than those who engaged in aerobic activity less than twice a week. People who were the fittest or most active were also more likely to report less severe symptoms than those who were least active. Working out triggers a temporary boost in the immune system. Because the effect is short-lived, moderate daily exercise offers the best defense. If the cold weather is keeping you indoors, look for a mall or indoor track where you can walk after work, rent a few workout DVDs, or sign up for an exercise class with friends.

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