Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nutrition Tip

It’s easy to lose track of time doing holiday errands. Keep a healthy snack on you at all times to prevent mood swings and bad-food binges

Don’t skip meals to save time during the holiday season. Between long lines at the register and searching for a parking space, holiday shopping always takes longer than we anticipate — often leaving us hungry and irritable. Before you head to the mall, eat a meal or snack that contains protein and complex carbohydrates to keep mood swings and hunger pangs at bay. Good choices include a peanut butter or turkey sandwich on 100 percent whole wheat. Also toss a snack, like an apple, granola bar or almonds, into your bag to tide you over until you get home. If you wait until you’re ravenous to eat, you’ll be more likely to splurge on a 1,000-calorie cinnamon bun or a pile of greasy Chinese noodles.

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