Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nutrition Tip

Got an incurable sweet tooth? You can train your taste buds to crave less sugar by gradually decreasing the sweets you eat.

Human beings are remarkably adaptable creatures. We can adjust to just about anything life throws at us. The same goes for our food preferences. If you’ve never had a swig of soda in your life, you’d probably cringe at how sweet it is. Drink it every day and you’d barely notice it. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth and want to cut back, do it slowly with small, imperceptible changes. That way, your palate can have time to adjust to the new flavors. If you’re a cola fanatic, switch to seltzer and grape juice. Each week, increase the amount of seltzer and reduce the amount of juice until you’re just using a splash of grape juice. Instead of candy, dried fruits, like prunes, are a nutritious way of satisfying a sugar craving. If you need something crunchy, go for cinnamon- or chocolate-covered almonds.

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