Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Health Tip

Keep your joints healthy by mixing up your workout routines and taking it easy if you’re in pain.

Being physically fit doesn’t protect us from joint injuries, according to the Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer, Michael Roizen, M.D. Many professional athletes, from baseball players to bodybuilders, will suffer injuries or arthritis in their lifetime. To protect your joints, refrain from doing the same activity day in and day out. By varying your workouts, you can prevent overuse injuries, which can lead to arthritis. It will also help you avoid muscle imbalances, which can put extra strain on joints. Runners who don’t cross-train, for example, tend to have weak gluteus (butt) muscles. This can lead to increased pronation of the feet, which can affect the joints all the way from the feet to the hips. When doing strengthening exercises, don’t neglect a muscle group because you think it’s not important. Your whole body is working together to keep you stable and upright.

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